Tom Brady and a Goat.....

The new GQ Tom Brady article sure was buring up the phonelines on sports talk radio today.

Curt Schilling can send Brady a thank you card, because if it was not for the GQ article and this picture spread the talk would have been about Schill's blown save in Detroit all friggin day today.

Wow, the article insinuates that Tom Brady looks at internet porn! Well no shit! I don't care if you make $10 million or $10 dollars, but guys are gonna look at some strange punnani on the internet. Regardless of the fact that you are dating Bridet Moynihan or not.

And the way they were talking about the GQ pictures on the radio.I thought he was going to have his arm up this goats ass while toungue kissing it! What's the big deal???


Bill German said...

Oh the memories of cumberland farm and kappy's liquor store. Yeah sunoco stock was the number one oil stock. I hope gas keeps rising so Mr & Mrs SUV will wake up and smell the coffee brewing. btw pphm seems to be going to the dogs. my rnai isnt doing much better but today it had an 8% rise. as for brady reading porn, i am shocked! He is so hot, i luv vegas during the nfl and watching brady on the really really big ass screens at caesars palace and mandalay bay. So what is your latest on the ebola stock? should I dump it?

4rilla said...

I'm holding onto the PPHM, but yeah the technicals don't look the best right now, but that is ok as far as I'm concerned. If it dips below $1.03 I might think about dropping it.

I've added RNAI to my watchlist, saw that it attempted a run down to $3, but bounced back nicely for the afternoon.

Looks like you had a good week last week, awesome pictures. Speaking of Vegas I'm taking my first trip there in a few weeks, 9/2 thru 9/7!

Bill German said...

bought another 2000 rnai yesterday at $3.22 I think this is genuine. but i could be wrong? as for vegas, cutting thru the bullshit, these are the best of the best:
#1 Ride the big shot on top of the stratoshphere.
#2. The sahars rollercoaster.
#3. Caesar's Palace Sportsbook
#4. Drive to Tecopa Hot Springs in California (80 miles) (several pictures on my blog)
#5. Drive to Pahrump, Nevada (50 miles) for the brothels

Bill German said...

here is another, ALGN.