I'm flying Northwest next week! (Hopefully)

Destinations served: More than 232 in 25 countries.
Total aircraft: 433
Hubs: Detroit, Memphis, Minneapolis/St. Paul
Routes: Domestic strength in the U.S. Midwest. Internationally known for Asian routes with 200 nonstop flights weekly.
Major alliances: Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, KLM
Regional partners: Pinnacle Airlines Inc. and Mesaba Airlines Inc., both operating as Northwest Airlink.
Employees: Approximately 38,000.

Yeah, I am flying Northwest Airlines next Friday. On Labor Day weekend. In fact I'm going from Boston to Minneapolis to meet Destiny at the airport there. She is flying that morning from Bismarck, ND. The whole reason we are are flying Northwest is because she is leaving the day after tomorrow to North Dakota to visit her Grandmother. Then next Friday morning she leaves NorthDakota, I leave Boston we meet in Minneapolis and continue on to Vegas through the 7th of September.

These tickets were booked months ago, and sinc Northwest is pretty much the only major airline that goes into Bismarck our hands were tied regarding the airline we had to take if I wanted to meet up with her prior to arrival and have the same flight home.

I've been tracking the flights we will be on the past two days to see how ofter they are getting cancelled or delayed. On Monday my Boston to Minneapolis flight was cancelled, but today all flights and connectors were pretty much on time. I could have flew other airline direct and cheaper, so I will be pissed as hell if something happens and one of out morning flights get cancelled and we don't meet up in Minneapolis. I paid a premium for just that reason.

Oh well, I'm sure once we get to Vegas everything will be all good!!

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