My thoughts on the VMA's

Well since my girlfriend is in lovely North Dakota for the week I'm just sitting here with not much going on this fine Sunday evening. I'm switching back and forth between the VMA's on MTV and Hurricane Katrina reporting on CNN and Fox News.

Regarding the VMA's:

- What is the deal with R. Kelly? He lip synched his whole "theatrical" performance of Coming Out Of The Closet or whatever it is called. It just left me confused. I think he might have been proclaiming his bisexuality, but I'm not too sure.

- Is Diddy ever going to lose his hard-on for Biggie Smalls? Why the heck did we have to see Biggie do Juicy once again on the big screen? Isn't that track from like 1999? I swear Diddy must write into his contract that a Biggie tribute is mandatory in order for him to appear.

- Ciara and Bow Wow have to be one of the strangest looking couples of all time. She towers over him!

- I never thought is was possible but Ashlee Simpson looked better than Jessica did while presenting tonite. The outfit Jessica had on made her look like a .20cent ho. The frizzed out hair was not attractive at all.

- Jessica Alba is always hot as all hell!!

- Coldplay bores me to tears.

- Kelly Clarkson has won two awards. That is a long way from getting scolded by Simon Cowell. Both times that Clarkson has won the camera has panned to Gwen Stefani and both times Gwen is looking like she is smelling some rotten trash.

- I don't know what the big deal is about Dane Cook recently. I know his new CD sold a shitload of records recently, but the guy who sits next to me at work had me listen to the new CD recently and I was not all that impressed. Some other people around me listened to it on their own and thought it was like the funniest shit ever.

- Who the fuck is John Legend?

- Where is Tsar?

- Diddy the word is "donate" not "dedicate".

- Why isn't MTV showing us that Eva Longoria camel toe?? Damn that seeemed to be out there in all its glory but the producers had to tighten up that shot for fear of the FCC!!

- Do they really think we care about the bling on Paris and Bow Wow. Fucking idiotic.

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