Pursuit of The World Series Trophy

After the Red Sox won The World Series last year the World Series trophy went on a 5 month long tour of Massachusetts and New England as part of a promotional tour. The trophy went to all New England states and EVERY city and town in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

As my luck goes I was had a day off from work in the late winter. I just did some stuff around the house. I cleaned out my closet actually and gathered some stuff to bring to The Salvation Army. The Attleboro, MA City Hall is directly across the street from The Salvation Army store and I drop some stuff off there. I find out the very next day that The World Series Trophy was hanging out at city hall at the exact same time that I was being a good doobie and bringing some stuff to The Salvation Army. That is pretty shit luck if I do say so myself. So that is as close as I have been to the World Series Trophy.

Well I did read today in The Globe that the trophy will be at the Deutsche Bank Championship golf tournament on Wednesday of this week. Since vacation starts on Wednesday I might have to head down there and try to get a pic with it from 10:15am to 12pm. I was hoping it would be free, but it looks like tickets are $30.00, even on practice days. But Tiger is playing, along with pretty much every big time pro. So I figure it is worth the $30.00 even to just get the picture with The Trophy because that is PRICELESS!! And maybe as a bonus I can snap some candids of Tiger's wife to share with everyone here!!! HAHAHA!!!

The ball girl pictured on the left has made some nifty catches in foul territory over the past two years with her Nokona. Very impressive!

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