One day and a wake up....

Finally starting to get myself organized for my Vegas trip as of midnight tonite. Well I still haven't put anything in the suitcase yet, but I've organized the house and so on. Like you give a shit anyway! Loaded up the Zen Micro with some new stuff, a couple Party Ben mixes, a few of Tony's podcasts that I haven't heard yet to kill the time on the plane and some old clips of Gilbert Gottfried sitting in for the news on Stern.

MMMmmm... I went to my parents house for dinner tonite. My mom makes a kick ass clamboil, just like her father did before her. We are a good Massachusetts family that will have a clamboil for almost every occasion. We usually have a clamboil for Easter. All you other suckas are eating ham and we are having clams, potatoes, hot dogs, sausage, onions and chourico. The joke is on you!
I've been getting a fair amount of hits from folks looking for Eva Longoria camel toe. You make me feel dirty!!!

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Bill German said...

dont forget to ride the bigshot on top of the stratosphere. trust me on this one!