Playing Market Mogul Today

I've got the week off.

Ran some errands this morning and got my hair cut. It's hot as balls out and I'm chilling in the AC. I had just over $100.00 sitting in my Scottrade account. Thought I would play the pennies and try to catch a run. Made $40.00 buying and selling GENM.

Got an open order to try and put the $140.00 into PHXI, but it is running too fast. Up over 100% on the day. Hoping for an afternoon pullback and try to sell it for some profit tomorrow.

Also have DDSI, RSHN, XRYM and TNGO on the radar.

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Bill German said...

our pphm is flat. my rnai is dropping big time in aft hrs. I screwed up. This might be an opportunity? I cant believe you play the pink sheets. I thought options were risking. I am going fishing. Bye.