Big Brother 6 Final 2 and HOH Spoiler

I'm watchin the live Friday night episode on the East Coast.

If any of you on the westside want to know who won the final HOH competition and who the taken with them to the final 2........

Just click in the comments!


4rilla said...

Ivette wins.

Takes Maggie with her.

Janelle is out.

Bill German said...

i cant believe you didnt ride the big shot on top of the stratosphere. It is like committing suicide but you survive physcially intact but mentally drained.

4rilla said...

Yeah, I know.... I'm lame. I did think of you though and was like oh man I'm gonna let Bill down by not hitting up the Strat!

But yeah we never even made it down to that end of the strip. Nothing further than the new Wynn and the Fashion Show Mall.

Bill German said...

oh well, there's always atlantic city. Bet $1000 on the pats every weekend.