Danny Bonaduce on The Stern Show this morning

Howard had a great interview with Danny Bonaduce this morning in order to promote Breaking Bonaduce on VH1. I did watch the first episode and it was as riveting as Howard described. The promo's for the rest of the season look great too. Very wild to watch him get jacked and take steroids right before our eyes.

It seems like the groundwork also may have been laid this morning for Bonaduce to get a show on one of Howard's stations on Sirius. He is a displaced morning talk guy and would seem to make a nice fit for Douche 100. Plus with a last name like Bonaduce can there be a better fit?
I think not!

And schmega dildos to Tony Pierce for linking me today and sending me some traffic. I can't get to any blogspot sites from work, as I am filtered. But I can get to sitemeter, and I find it sure helps pass the time when I can refresh sitemeter throughout the course of the day and see some new hits coming on through!


Bill German said...

i like his shirt

tony said...

hey now!

sorry its been so long since ive linked to you, if you ever feel abandoned or want me to link to a specific post, just write me an email and i'll see what i can do.