Down to the wire

So we have just over two weeks left in the baseball season and the Red Sox once again have all of New England and Red Sox Nation far and wide holding their collective breath.

The Yankees took the weekend series to shave a game off the Sox lead. Luckily the Sox were able to go into Toronto and take 2 out of 3. Tonite's game was not without trouble as Gabe Kapler tore his achilles rounding second base and will be forced to miss the rest of the season. As Gabe hit the turf you could hear the crying of all the females in Red Sox Nation who find him to be beefcake number one.

David Ortiz has been on a tear and the and the discussion rages on. Can a DH be MVP? My vote is yes. At this point my fantasy baseball team is holding a 4 point lead and is sitting in the top spot. Hopefully I can hold my lead just the same as the Sox.

So the Yankees won also and the lead sits at 2.5 games in the AL East. Strap yourself in for these last weeks of the season. I'm sure it will be a wild ride!

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