Worst Promo Ever!!

I know beef jerky is expensive, but this is taking "freebies" and waste to a whole new level.

So I'm leaving the YMCA tonite and I see a basket on the counter with what appear to be bags of potato chips. So I grab one as I hit the door. I see that it is in fact some new kind of beef jerky from Oberto. The beef jerkey is a "crisp" so it is more like a potato chip. Or at least that is what they want you to think.

So before opening it I notice that it has about a speck of jerkey inside. Check it out, I put a penny near it for comparison. That is all that was in the bag. Check out how much jerky you get! A whole 25 calories worth. Jeez, I know beef jerky is expensive, 3 pounds of beef yields 1 pound of jerky, but this seems a bit much. It was pretty much just enough to get the taste on your mouth. Talk about a cock tease, it seemed to be like Lay's sending out promo bags with one chip in it.

Good thing I really don't give a flip about jerkey anyway, but I thought I would share!

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