Hurricane Rita Free Zone!

There is no alcohol in the house, or I guess I should say that I ran out of vodka yesterday and I don't have any beer. There is one Mike's, but that is Destiny's and a few shots of 2 year old Sauza tequila and a nip of Wild Turkey in the freezer. Oh and there is some Absinthe in the cupboard too. But nothing that I can sip on and enjoy. I just want a Skyy vodka and Sprite Zero, but I am out of luck. I took a few swigs of the Sauza and washed it down with Sprite. Kind of nasty, there is a little bit left, I will probably kill it when I am done here.

D went to the gym without me (I stayed home and watched Survivor) and came home with a stray cat. We have two cats as it is, but she is so good hearted she can't resist. He seems mad chill, is jet black, ate a whole pouch of food and a serving of dry food and is now passed out in the spare bedroom. We will probably end up keeping him as long as he pretty much gets along with the other two.

I caught some of that Phil Donahue and Bill O'Reilly brawl on FOX News during a Survivor commercial. That was some good tv, it even made me switch back to Survivor late. Props to Phil Donahue, I don't know if I have ever seen anyone get O'Reilly that flustered. I loved how Phil called him a coward and called him out regarding his nephew enlisting in the army.

Anyway......TGIF suckers!

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CT said...

Phil rocks!!!