Joe Rogan says, "You've got a GREAT ass!!"

So when Mike Walker was talking about some new Jessica Alba beach pics on Stern I obviously wanted a lookie lookie. When I was at the supermarket over the weekend I even picked up a copy of The National Enquirer while waiting in the checkout line. I turned to page 5 in hopes of seeing Jessica Alba on her knees as and I ended up looking at an advertisement for "according To Jim" or something like that. It was still last weeks issue on the shelf it seems.

But the moral of the story is that the mere mention of Jessica Alba on her knees made me crack open a National Enquirer for the first time in years. I will say the mag looked better nowadays, glossier paper, better adverts etc..... But who cares about that.

Bottom line here are the best of the Alba photos. And they sure don't disappoint!


Bill German said...

stop, your givin me a woody. where did I put that kleenex? Let's face facts, I am gay and the older I get women are now turning me on 50% of the time? why is that? what is wrong with me?

4rilla said...

Yeah, but I guess I can sort of understand that in a way. From my impressions of you there is no doubt you are super cool and I can see where you could let the female form set your body racing.

I've been watching RNAI every day. If it dips below $3.00 I might pick some up if I have some funds!

Bill German said...

it has been a bad month for me on wall street. RNAI is acting strange. 2mil+ disposition by venrock? dont know what to make of that, but credit suisse picked up a bunch of RNAI. So I am getting some mixed msgs. Plus unsure of their boston conf news? I say go to taunton and bet on the dogs. There goes swifty and there goes my money