No sleep till.....Burger King

If I had $1.00 for every person that asked me tonite if they could have a Whopper or a Meatnormus sandwich and I would have enough money to fill my car with gas.

Well well well... It sure feels like old times right now. 7:51, no sleep, ears ringing, the sun is shining and glinting in that oh so special way that it can only do on these sorts of mornings. Throat is hoarse, my mind is racing and I am super alert but also serene. Very nice feeling. I just poured myself my 2nd Skyy and Sprite Zero.

I will say I was just hoping last nights adventure would be fairly fun and worth going to. I didn't have the hugest expectations. But I am happy to say was "off the hinges", I've always enjoyed Scott Henry and Feelgood and they both laid down good sets.

But oh my god how people loved The King. I can't even begin to tell you how many people told me it was hands down the best costume there, or how many grown and semi-grown men told me that it freaked them out like no other. People were taking pictures all night. I didn't bring my camera to the party, but I'm doing my best to find people who were there to send me pics. I tried to take some with my camera phone, but failed miserably.

Saw two old friends from the party scene that I haven't seen since like '01 or '02, hung out with them for a good portion of the night. Funny how they also fell out of touch with pretty much everyone from the scene back then. Danced my ass off pretty much most of the night. Good times!

And my car was in one piece in the alley were I left it!

I'm still pretty wired, I could take care of my half of the weekend household duties, and then screw around and watch football. Take a nap and wake up for the Patriots game at 8. I feel like going to the 'Y and swimming laps. That would feel pretty good right now. I bet the water is cold though.

Oh and the money invested in The King costume was totally worth it!

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CT said...

dude, nice job on the rest of the costume, I didn't get the rest of the costume, well actually couldn't find the rest... but I took a shit load of pics with people wearing the king... LOL... great post...