Since three quarters of my hits are coming from peeps looking for The Burger King Costume

A bunch of us went on a mission to IParty today. They do have a king cape, but it is crazy long compared to the one that the King wears, but I think I could cut it down a bit. I need to find some sort of big puffy fluffy neck collar! IParty did also have these plastic King Scepters too.

Last night was a drunken booze fest with the neighbors. There has been some juicy stuff going on around here lately. The type of stuff if described in detail would get me some good hits from perverse and deviant google searchers. But at these point I'm leaving those stories bottled up and on the shelf.

Even though last night was so drunken I actually made it to the gym twice today, I did weights in the early afternoon and then went back and played some racquetball from 8 to 9:30.

Seems like it might be time to get off my ass and pick up a Sirius Satellite unit asap. As of this afternoon Howards channel Howard 100 has been playing some bits on a loop with more clips being added. I guess the 24 hour thing with Wendy The Retard is in fact going down tomorrow. I will have to scour the internets for some mp3 goodness of that.


Lindsay said...

You need King shoes!!! Otherwise, the outfit is incomplete.

4rilla said...

Yeah, I am thinking some Pilgrim/Puritan shoes with a big old silver buckle. Those should do the trick!

CT said...

you party animal, any naked chicks?