31 is the new 25

Well it's is 3am on November 12th, the day I was shot forth onto this earth way back in 1974. Before cable tv, the internets, satellite radio and cell phones.

Tonite I headed up to Somerville, to check out DJ BC and Solcofn at Mash Ave. And I just have to say many mega thanks to DJ BC and Solcofn for making me feel welcome I let them know that I have pretty much right clicked and saved as on a good portion of stuff on each of their respective sites. We talked about mashups as a whole, and BC gave me some pointers regarding getting started and taking a shot at all the madness myself. Also many thanks for the lemon drops or whatever shots were being thrown back into the gullet. The feel of the Independent was nice overall, I would prefer a slightly larger area that could perhaps turn into an impromptu dance floor at some point.

The crowd was rather subdued, getting their drink and their socialization on with the music being more atmospheric than at the forefront if we were talking about a full on club. Do to that fact I pretty much spent most of the night up front as that is where the most speaker coverage was and hanging out there gave me a good opportunity to speak with the guys and give them their props.

All in all it was a pretty chill evening, I've been wanting to check out an installment of Mash Ave. and I'm glad I got the chance.

Anyhoo, yeah 31, who gives a flying fuck. I'm sure glad I have never felt my age, or looked it, and seldom act it for that matter. Just remember if Pink Is The New Blog why can't 31 be the new 25!

Now I'm gonna sit here and sip on a vodka and sprite an listen to some music. Oh and many many thank you's to those of you who took the time out of their Friday routine to throw me a quick Happy Birthday message whether it was via email text message or what have you. Thanks for the sunshine!!




Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful night!!

Anonymous said...

Make a wish! 31 is a awesome age. Don't blow it! Time is the most valuable thing you own. So catch the KLM to amsterdam.

Anonymous said...

happy belated B day!!!!

4rilla said...

Thanks for all the birthday well wishes y'all.

The Blogosphere rocks!! =o)

Anonymous said...

It was cool to meet ya and I will be back up soon...catch you then!