Sent me home with a tummyache...

I went down to my parents for a pre birthday dinner this evening. They were gonna order something from out, and then I was going to hang out and watch Survivor. All day I had been craving a seafood platter from the St. John's Club. This is a tiny restaurant and bar in Fall River and is actually the first restaurant job that Emeril Lagasse ever had as a young boy growing up.

I spent the afternoon thinking of some big fried clams, with ooey gooey greasy big fat clam bellies. Well lo and behold all they ended up having on this Thursday evening was clam STRIPS. What a fucking buzzkill, but what can you do? The scallops and fish were good and the french fries were plentiful. Hung out and watched Survivor, mom told me about the local school principal that was just caught on the crackpipe. Good times. I then proceeded to have 3, count em 3 pieces of Carvel Ice Cream cake. Cookie Puss all up in the area. After that I felt as if I was about to explode..... Fell asleep for about an hour and then came on home.

Saw 3 deer in 2 different spots on the way home on Rt. 118.

Happy Veterans Day, those of you who have the day off get out there and enjoy the day. I have to work, but at least the drive in will be comfortable.

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