I am Jack's thoughtless mind

Sometimes I amaze and frustrate myself.

I had to run some errands after work yesterday. I had to go to BJ's, which is a Sam's Club of sorts for those of you not on the East Coast, as well as Petco and the supermarket. I was getting a tire repaired at BJ's at well as picking up a few things inside. Well I did my shopping inside, paid in full and went over to the automotive side. I left my carriage outside and waited for my car to be finished. It took about another half hour or so for my car to be ready that I forgot all about the other stuff I bought and just hopped in the car and took off on my merry way.

I did my other shopping, Petco and the supermarket across town. It was not until I was about to put my groceries in the trunk that I thought about the stuff from BJ's. So I have to haul ass back to the other end of town with my fingers crossed that everything would still be there. I was in luck and my carriage was right where I left it. Yay, for no thievery!

To add insult to injury upon going to brush my teeth tonight I see that I bought Oral B replacement heads for my electric toothbrush instead of Braun. Looks like I will be making a return trip to BJ's after work today!

Infinity Broadcasting's one day suspension of Howard Stern today is the biggest advertisement around. Not a smart move, Howard is still going to talk about Sirius for the next month and a half, and plenty of us will be going to eh eh eh with him. Putting on Best Of today rather than a live show is just a desperate move to stem the bleeding.

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