Gotta love the $4.99 tall boy Narragansett 6 packs

Bill German, I can see you drinking these in Massachusetts back in the day. Say it is so.

This might be a sort of ADD post tonite, but I doubt that anyone minds.

How come when I am standing in the shower at the gym I have all these things running through my head that I want to write about. Then then I come home and make dinner and relax a bit and right now I know I can't remember half the stuff I was thinking of earlier. I prefer showers at the gym than to home, crank the hot water. Hell it's not my money. Take a little steam.... Minus the Noxema, and it's all good.

It was announced tonight on the Howard100 news that Jackie The Jokeman Martling will be coming in to the show before Howard wraps on terrestrial radio. I think Jackie should sit in all day, from 6:00am right through the news and bust some balls like the old days. Push Artie right off his chair for all I care. Write some lines for Howard like old times sake. In fact I think it would be great if there was a big announcement saying that Jackie will be joining them at eh eh eh.

Speaking of eh eh eh I am the #3 hit on Yahoo for "Sirius eh eh eh" gotta love it!

And speaking of Sirius, SIRI closed at $7.40 today. It has been on a nice little roll the past month bouncing from $5.80 up $1.40 in a month. I could imagine that this could be the beginning of a nice little run up thru January thanks to the Howard Stern mojo.

It's a full moon tonight, I hope you all were on your best behavior.

I have been rocking the hell out of the DJ BC Glassbreaks cd I picked up last Friday. It is all mashups of hip hop versus Philip Glass minimalistic sonic opera type shit. Very very hype. I think I have listened to the mix with Callin Out by Lyrics Born about 15 times today. But the whole cd is straight up funky.

On that note, I am out like trout...


Anonymous said...

You do tend to jump all over the place in this blog, So you like Lyrics Born huh, had a very hard time a few years ago trying to get into his flow maybe on your cd it sounds ok with whom ever is producing.

Anonymous said...

Narraganset from Kappy's liquor in medford then onto revere beach to play swifty at wonderland. Thanks for the picture. It makes me homesick and sad.