I should be sleeping

Considering I got about 2 and a half hours sleep last night I should be laying down horizontally right about now. Instead here I sit, crosslegged on my bed bathed in the light of the laptop as well as this cool ass blue acrylic cube light that I got at Ikea on Sunday.

I pretty much picked up some stuff on the fly on Sunday without a thoroughly developed concept, but after putting everything together this evening I think my execution was exceptional. I know nobody probably cares but basically since taking over the other bedroom I haven't been totally organized. Basically the only thing that could accommodate my tv set was the setup where my turntables are located. So for the past 2 months the tables were stacked atop one another and the tv was where one of the tables is supposed to be. If I wanted to spin I would have to pick up this big 27 inch tv and put in on a chair for a while. I picked up a small bedside table at Ikea for $17.00, moved it right to the foot of the bed and I am stylin with the tv right in front of me now. The turntables are back to their normal position which is a good thing.

I'm stealing this quote from an email from packphour to Raymi that Raymi posted on her site.

"The benefit of meeting others is that they may introduce you to yourself."

It is referenced as a movie quote, but the movie isn't indicated. Over the course of the past few weeks I've met and been introduced to more new folks than I have encountered in quite some time. It seems for the past few years I've been hanging out inside a bit of a little pseudo bubble comfort zone scenario. Everything I was doing was pretty self contained and apparently a lot of my contact with the outside world was minimized. Not that I can say I didn't enjoy it, but it has been quite nice and refreshing to be bump into some cool new and different people as of late.


Anonymous said...

are you a DJ? one of my good friends is a DJ....

4rilla said...

I've had turntables since like 1998, I've never really played out except on a couple rare and strange occasions prior to the turn of the century.

But I spin mostly funked out house music, some breaks and a small smattering of hip hop and jungle that I enjoy personally.

I just find it to be a great stress reliever in my spare time to just strap on the headphones, forget about the rest of the world and just get lost in the mix.... Even if it is only for an hour!