This is an experiment in science.

Or in writing. Or perhaps the inner workings of my mind. The correct choice in D.) All of the above.

Why won't my headphones go any louder?I have everything cranked as high as it could go. Also driving home tonite I had the cd player pegged as high is it could go all while kicking back with the cruise control to avoid the Connecticut State Police. I think most of us New Englanders might agree that they are the most strict of the lot.

Went to the gym, played a some "solo" racquetball for about 45 minutes, I bought my first racquet and I wanted to go hit some balls. I then did a full chest and arm routine and retired to the health center. Weight in at 163. Nice. It seems that last little but of belly fat is working its way towards oblivion. I think the extra pull down crunches and weighted crunches are starting to pay dividends. I took the longest and most relaxing shower which included two trips to the steam room. Shower-Steam-Shower-Steam-Shower...

Grabbed a Dunkin Donuts coffee to go and I hit the road. Party Ben mash ups, check. Trip to the ATM, check. Gas, check! And I filled up for under $30.00 for the first time in I don't know how long!

So I was off to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut I just wanted to play some craps and see what was going down in there on this fine Saturday night. I got there around 9 and just surveyed the scene a bit, checked out each casino side and had a drink. I was thinking of playing some craps and if things were not going all that well that I would go to Ultra nightclub which is in the casino.

Started playing.... A couple crazy 40-ish year old ladies from New Hamshire having a weekend away from the husbands. 10 of them in 2 hotel rooms. And couple in their 40's to the left of me, they played as a team made multiple bets throughout the night and I think they ended up making some money on the night. There was a few 20'ish girls playing up the other end of the table, a few other people and this one black dude who sort of looked like 50-cent, but when ever he was the shooter it was like a whole production. He would study those 6 dice in every way before choosing 2 to throw. He would them pick each two and twirl them around shift and shuffle them and take alot of time. But then he would throw... These high arching shots and he was on a streak for the table all around. Luckily we had a waiter and waitress that kept the rotation and the drinks coming. I think I had 8 or 9 Absolut and Sprite's and a White Russian.

Then this cool ass couple showed up. They were like straight out of Suicide Girls. Big Ups to Mike and Jennifer of New Jersey. They had went and saw Nine Inch Nails in New York on Friday (I Think) and were spending the rest of their weekend at Mohegan. But he was all tattooed up, shaved head with a big sole patch. She had a big pinup character on her left arm with stars, a crazy looking skull on her left forearm,, stuff on each wrist, her tat-ta and her back..... And probably some other places I didn't. She had this short and spiky back and blonde hair that was very cool too. And we all played and played, and drank and drank, and yelled and yelled. We seemed to be the loudest craps table, even if we weren't always winning. Then these two batchlorette girls showed up. I presume one was the bride to be since she was wearing a white feather boa, a tiara, and had on a blow pop ring that was cover with feathers from her boa. And she was also sporting a candy necklace that was made up off all little penises. These girls didn't seem older than 25, but you should have seen them throwing down the craps bets, all kinds of odds bets and prop. bets. They had a good run for about 45 minutes and I think they ended up about $180.00 between us. The games went on, I would be u $40.00 from my original $60, next thing you know I was down to $5.00. Then back even, I had a good run for a while, but ended up catching a losing steak, since we all having so much fun and it was a team effort the lady from New Hampshire, big shout outs to Maria, threw me $ because I am such a down ass G. And I watched her pocketbook and chips when she went to the bathroom, I also drank one of her White Russians when she went to tuck all her girlfriends into bed.

All in all I stretched $80.00 into 4 straight hours of craps and had about 8 to 10 drinks, so it was a good night.... I enjoyed going by my own self that way if I wanted to play craps for 4 hours straight I wouldn't have to feel weird about it. It was very fun, but I can't go lose $80.00 every weekend. If I would have switched to soda after drink 5 I might have had better results.

Grabbed an Imus Brothers/Imus Ranch (HAHAHA) coffee for the ride home. Set the cruise control, it was foggy as hell going through southern Rhode Island.

I showed up at home around 4am, it is now 5:51, (*) had a present for me which I took right away. Been chilling on the internet listening to some good house music and nodding my head.

This makes two weekends in a row. How come something that is supposed to be so wrong feels so right? Last week at work went by so quick and low key, I credit some of this to my change in departments, but also some of it to going out and getting live as the King.

And here I am tonight doing the same thing and right about now I feel like a zillion bucks.

Totally immersed in sound right now......Headphones at 10, I wish they could go to 25. Donald Glaude is scratching his ass of here come the buildup........Drop!

I can open the blinds all the way and get ready for the sunrise. If it looks like it is going to be anything special I will grab the digicam and get some shots. I so wanted to get some decent fall foliage pictures taken to put up but I never got around to it. The trees are past peak now, but you can still find some good maples here and there, and the fact that they are still holding colorful leaves next to others that are already bare brings forth a nice composition.

Now I totally just running my mouth.... Grrr... If the gym open at 6:00 am on Sunday I would be there right now, but I am pretty sure it is 8:00am, but maybe not. I be down with running about 4 miles right now, on an inline even. Get that blood coursing through every single vein and feel so so alive.

I don't know if a doctor would pass me for medical clearance right now. Good thing I'm not under contract. Speaking of which HAHA Terrell Owens. Good to see your suspended. No Patriots today, matchup with the undefeated Colts on Monday Night Football. Peyton Manning 0-7 lifetime in Gilette Stadium. I haven't seen the weather report for Monday night, but it has been gorgeous the past few days. If the weather stays like this it won't effect Payton on Monday night and the Pats might have some problems. I'll still go with the hometown team.

Pats- 27
Colts- 24

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