Fitting It's Fall

It happens so fast. Green and healthy, then changing color, just a bit each day, shades of yellow and red and orange. Then on a crisp Sunday afternoon the trees sing together putting forth the most amazing display. The leaves wither...... and die.

But it's ok. It happens every year. Because what is waiting to shoot forth in the spring? A soft and supple fresh bud, tightly packed....... Dewdrops in the garden glistening on a morning in March.


Bill German said...

Winter kept us warm, covering earth in forgetful snow. (T.S.Eliot)
Growing up in Boston, Let's see:
1. Shoveling my driveway
2. Working at star market and stocking the frozen food section at 6am on a saturday morning in january when I was 16yo.
3. I mean, WTF!

Lindsay said...

that was purdy

Ms.Crystal said...

Ahhh Solo Raquetball sounds like me at the gym...None of my friend live close enough to join the same gym and I am 100% pure loser..So alone I go into a room to vent some steam....