Tuesday's random thoughts

Two days in my new position at work and technology has not come to swap out my hard drive as of yet. That means I can't access my Lotus Notes or any of the systems that I need to do my job. Luckily Internet Explorer works just fine and I've been spending the days doing some super easy busy work, listening to Howard Stern, surfing the web and making it look like I am taking care of business.

How come every night it seems like it is 11pm before I finally am able to sit down and put my feet up.

I'm somewhat ashamed to say it, but I'm sitting here writing this update while I listen to some rips of the High Pitch Erik Craptacular today on Sirius. I guess I am a Howard Stern superfan if I have no problem listening to Hi Pitch, King of All Blacks, Angry Black and Howard's parents on Sirius without getting bored.

Did I miss a memo about Noxema? It seems that 40% of the guys taking a shower and a steam at the 'Y have a big old jar of Noxema that is always on display with the towel and other toiletries. It seems the percentage of guys with Noxema at the gym is sky high as opposed to the population at large. It almost seems to me that the Noxema is a flashing neon sign that means, "Meet me in the steam room for some sweaty man love" Not that there is anything wrong with that. I just want to know why I missed the memo. Or maybe I'm way out of line and they all use the Noxema to kill blackheads. I just don't know.

IKEA opens about 20 miles away on November 9th. My birthday is on the 12th, so I will probably head there on opening weekend and drop some loot. They sent me the 2006 catalog today and there was an insert about the new store nearby. I guess the first person through the doors on the day of opening gets a $5,000.00 gift card. I would assume there will somebody camping out in an attempt to win that prize.

We have a little left over Halloween candy, but not that much. I deliberately didn't buy any chocolate, because I knew I would demolish the leftovers. I have had a few mini boxes of Nerds though.

I guess in a way I made a pseudo-guestblogger appearance over at Lindsay's fine piece of realestate, gettrivial. Check it out, as Lindsay and I discuss our move to the south of France.


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