Closing Thoughts...

I ate far too much bread this weekend. And too many cookies. Way to many cookies. And I tried the Hershey Kisses with Peanut Butter in them. Those are fucking good.

The Bruins traded Joe Thornton this week and have gone 2-1 since. I just watched almost all of tonites game as well as half of one earlier in the week. Prior to the trade I had watched probably 2 minutes of hockey all season.

I just saw the new Wendy's commercial featuring Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction" track from a while back. It shows all these Wendy's burgers flexing like a set of graphic equalizers. Pretty cool.

I picked up my copy of Motley Fool Stocks 2006 today. They give you a .pdf version and also mail a hard copy. I received Stocks 2005 last year as a gift and picked 2 of the 12 stocks to buy into during the year. Ceradyne (CRDN) and BioMarin Pharm (BMRN). I actually sold off my Ceradyne on Thursday for $47.55 which gave me about an 80% gain on CRDN over the course of the year. I've also bought and still hold some BioMarin which was a repeat pick in Stocks 2006. I'm up about 70% in BioMarin.

Another one of the picks in the 2006 edition is United Natural Foods (UNFI). UNFI is looking undervalued to me, trading at near its 52 week low. Volume was much higher than normal in November and this Motley Fool report will do nothing more than put it on the radar for many more folks. I think I might sell of what I am holding in Ebay (EBAY) and put it into UNFI.

Also I might as well go on the record saying I like Kopin (KOPN). I've been holding this since $4.40, now at $7.15 and I think the chart looks great from here and I would be surprised to see KOPN become a $10.00 stock before long.

Feel free to email me if you want more info *cough cough* regarding the .pdf file.

Speaking of Ebay the kids toy Dyson that I put on Ebay earlier in the week sold for $75.00. Not bad for a free promo.

Gonna be some snow it seems on Tuesday, I've got to pull the scraper out of the closet. I finally took out my heavy winter jacket, but I haven't worn it yet. It is just hanging out on my back seat.

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