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As the denizens of 4rilla blog may have read in the past, I picked up the Dyson Pet Hair Vacuum about 6 weeks ago.Big thumbs up to the Dyson as it does a cleaning job that puts my previous vac to some serious shame. When cashing out at Sharper Image I also grabbed a postcard for a free child size Dyson by mail with proof of purchase.

So I completed that and mailed it in with the UPC and pretty much forgot about it. I came home from work today and there was a package. 'Lo and behold I've got my own kiddie size Dyson. So at this point of course a lightbulb goes off in my head. "Time to check Ebay". As luck would have it these little guys seem to be selling for over $100.00 a pop on Ebay. Seems like there are plenty of whitebread suckas out there willing to shell out big bucks so Junior can have a Dyson like mommy, or perhaps daddy in the case of the Dyson.

So of course I posted my with the quickness. You can watch my auction by clicking the link below. It would be pretty sweet a few weeks before Christmas if I can get an extra $100.00 from that.

It also got me to thinking that it is the time for the annual sale of the autographed David Blaine posters on Ebay. I think this will be my 3rd year doing this. Back in 2001 I believe I ordered one poster as a gift through David's now defunct Yahoo store. Before ordering I noticed that these posters were selling on Ebay for more than their retail price. So I got the first shipment, gave the poster as a gift and saw that the posters were of high quality and would be worth reselling at a premium on Ebay.

I placed another order online for a dozen to 15 posters. I figured the posters would come and that would be that. But one day I get a call from David Blaine Productions while at work. They were going to have to charge me a little bit more for shipping because I ordered so many posters, and would that be ok. So I confirm that it is no big deal, and the guy I was speaking with on the phone says, "David is here and he wants to talk to you". So he proceeded to David Blaine on the phone and we spoke for a few minutes. I can't really recall the conversation except even talking to me one on one his voice had that odd sound to it as if he is hooked to an i.v. and is super duper mellow, yet intense. Strange. Long story short he ended up being totally cool and wanted to know if I wanted all the posters autographed. He personalized a bunch and just signed a bunch as well. He even threw in a long out of print Buried Alive poster for (*). So each Christmas I put one or two of the autographed ones on Ebay in order to supplement my holiday spending.

While posting the Dyson I found this cool auction on Ebay Pulse for a Napoleon Dynamite Lego Mosaic. Pretty friggin cool. Click the link to see the auction.

Napleon Dynamite Mosiac
My Dyson

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Anonymous said...

dude, thats so cool.
youre an ebay entrepeneur.
being smart is fun, eh?