Elegant Elliott Offen = Best Guest Ever

I jotted down Elegant Elliott Offen's phone number that was given out on air if you are interested in buying the "Violet Dehumanizes Elegant Elliott Offen" DVD. I just called the number and got Violet's voice on the answering machine. The telephone number is (212)980-6666. Leave Elliott a message, I'm sure it would be good for a laugh!

Well I was very happy to hear that Elegant Elliott Offen was going to be on Howard today to give his final goodbye to terrestrial radio. Elliott seems to provide some off the wall can't miss radio whenever he comes in studio. Riiiiiight? I would even break down and put down a $20.00 for "Violet Dehumanizes Elegant Elliott Offen" on DVD.

Elliott and his gangster talk were in full effect this morning as we came to find out that he had ran a moving van into a parking garage this morning and was getting evicted from his penthouse suite at the Mondrian. Riiiiiiight?

Also with the final Stern shows counting down, we only have a dozen left now, I'm thinking that I'm gonna have to take the day off from work to be a part of Howard's march. It should be a pretty good opportunity to take some pictures, and yes Tony I will load them to my Buzznet account! Take the Chi-a-neese Fung Wah Bus down from Boston the night before. I've been listening to Howard since his first evening he was on 'BCN, back when he was still on at night because 'BCN didn't want to move Charles Laquidara out of the morning spot. Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Anyway, I'm sitting here watching Jim Cramer's Mad Money Main Event. It is the live show on right now on CNBC. Mel Karmazin the CEO of Sirius Satellite Radio is going to be on the show, I want to watch that before I head out to the gym. I've been procrastinating and have yet to buy my Sirius setup, but I will be doing it in the next week or two. As far as SIRI the stock is concerned I think the 4th quarter sales numbers are going to be bigger the expected. My father was talking to me over Thanksgiving and he is getting Sirius put in mom's car for Christmas and is getting himself the boombox for the garage. I never would have thought that they would jump on the bandwagon so quickly. That just shows me that there are plenty of room to see a big upside surprise regarding subscriptions once the 4th quarter is finished up. I think the stock can run back towards the $9.00 range. Also Howard is doing plenty of pr these next few weeks, everything from 60 Minutes this weekend to Bill O'Reilly in the coming weeks.

Karmazin is speaking now on Cramer says the numbers since black Friday have been huge.

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Anonymous said...

Elegant Elliot Offen loves that gangsta talk. Riiiiight?