Road Trip Sideshow

So Crystal and I deceided to put the good late November weather to use on Sunday by taking a day trip to the land of Malatron and a blog soup by taking a drive out to Northampton. We got a good start on the day, at least we were out of the house by noon. Oh boy, had to stop at Target where she spies some Christmas music cd's in the $1.00 bins at the front of the store. After careful consideration 2 cd's are chosen and the soundtrack for the ride down was all set. Oh my. And yes I did end up singing along.

We breezed around Northampton for a couple hours, nachos and beer and lunch. A litlle bit of record shopping. Did some Main St. shopping while acting idiotic in the fall air. Warmed up with a hot beverage and a chocolate cupcake with this thick vanilla frosting at Haymarket. By this time the streetlights had come on and we had to go home, but not before a stop to main Yankee Candle store in South Deerfield. We didn't even get anything at Yankee Candle but enjoyed being foolish sitting in the king's throne and riding the rocking horses. It was then a pleasant car ride from Western MA back to the central region.

I listened to the records this evening that were in the $5.00 electro grab bag that Crystal picked out for me. 2 of the 5 records were pleasant surprises, 1 was just plain awful and 2 were mediocre so all in all that is a pretty good success ratio for a $5.00 vinyl grab bag. I should have picked up a few of them. What do you want for $5.00.

Sunday along with Saturday evening's trip out for a couple drinks made this Thanksgiving weekend seem even longer and warmer than it really was!

A Blog Soup
Yankee Candle


Anonymous said...

So the records were only somewhat good because I had the magic touch..Next time see what you get when you pick them out!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. You forgot all about the Photo Booth

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great thanksgiving weekend. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hey you f*cker. You shoulda said so, we coulda done some kinda wack blogger potrait. lemme know next time.