Hello Blog

I hope you were on your best behavior this weekend while I left you unattended. When I came home all the posts were still in order, no typos were created and my comments weren't spammed. Therefore I will assume that ye little blog didn't find some weed and smoke it out of a Coke can. You didn't even go the package store and get yourself a 12 pack of Molson Canadian to drink down.

You were hungry for words though. I wanted to give you breakfast oh bloggy at 6:30 this morning before I went to work, but the internet connection was acting like a dick. I checked up on you from work today oh bloggy. New comments. Look at the Sitemeter stats. See if you had any friends over. How long did they stay. Where did they come from. Why were they here.... Speaking of why were they here, I'm the 20th google hit on the whole internets for "tummyache". Word. And because of that I am gonna say, Tummyache Tummyache watch me get a bellyache in your boots your gonna quake, as give you a tummyache. Maybe after that sentence I can end up #14 on google.

Made a nice trade today in the penny stocks! I banked my first 100% penny gainer and timed this one just right today almost selling at the high. To bad I only had $150 as I used some shriveled up funds from a previous loser fund this one. Dnaprint Genomics (DNAG) in at .0194 about 2 months ago and out today at .0409. But turning $150 to $330 is ok with me.

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check out APTD ?