Feeling Frosty

Going to Somerville for Mash Ave. tonite, I had fun when I went up a few weeks ago so I'll be making a return trip.

I had a headlight go out the other night, I've talked about how hard the halogens are to extract from their tiny hiding spots and change on my car on here in the past. Luckily the burner was on the passenger side and since I didn't have to take out the battery I was able to make the change with relative ease. I'll be the first to admit that is not usually the case with me and cars. I usually just surrender, but I was able to change this one in record time. I guess we will see by the end of the night if I clipped it back in position as it should have been.

Time to break down and pull the winter jacket out of the closet. Not too bad overall. If I can make it past Thanksgiving without breaking out the coat I guess that is pretty good. I saw some snow yesterday morning but by the time I got home it was just a hint of slush.

People are amused easily huh? I was at my aunt and uncle's house yesterday and they have this animatronic mounted deer head on the wall and it is hooked up to a microphone that is behind their bar and when you use the microphone the deer moves his eyes and mouth and such. It is like the singing fish but a deer head. My mother admitted to me that she has been listening to a little bit of country music. I don't know what the hell is up with that. I guess that's what happens when your getting up to 55.

Gonna head off to the gym and be able to get home and relax for a while before going out.

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