Stern Rally Story Coming Up Soon

Busy ass Monday night, my Sirius Starmate Replay came in the mail today.
I just got that all hooked up in the house, but I am having a bitch of a time getting a signal. The reception keeps cutting out and it is more out then in. I guess I will have to tweak that shite a bit and figure out what way my window is facing.

Million and one things to do, including go to the gym right now and then go grocery shopping. Than a million more things to do around the house since I have been awol since Thursday night. I will get around to talking about the Stern Rally and posting my pics here and on buzznet at some point tonite.

Patience grasshopper! Here are some titties from the rally to hold you over...

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Anonymous said...

You are tooo much...I told u call me if you have problems with the Sirius...lol