Amped as all hell

To get on the road and to NYC for the big Howard Stern Parade and final terrestrial broadcast tomorrow. As you can plainly see I talk about Howard and the gang a fair amount on this blog, as I have been a listener for about the past 15 years, which is half my life.

I'm much more than a casual fan I get to listen to the whole show in my current job, I get up at 6:00am, the show goes on, I get in the car at 7:00 to the show, I arrive at work at 8:00 turn on the boombox, put on the headphones and listen to the show until it is done. Bathroom breaks are planned around commercial breaks, so are trips to the printer, phone calls and most other business related matters. I used to record shows to tape, I still keep blank tapes at my desk and hit record whenever a good bit might be coming, or whenever Beet or Elliott come on in. I like the Mike Walker game. Ralph is a fag, Ronnie is a guido and Benji is underappreciated. Fred is pure fucking genius and Artie skates by. I can't fault Gary and Robin. Howard is in fact the King Of All Media.

If you can't wrap your head around that you have a problem. Anyway I'm off to the festivities. Listen to the show, follow on Yahoo, whatever. I'll be back with my take on things either sometime late Friday or early Saturday. Plenty of pics going up on my buzznet page.

And a Bababooey to y'all!


Anonymous said...

Have fun hun....And I hope no one you work with has your blog info..I am sure they would like to think you work all day. :)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear your report!!!