Where are my Ambien??

Even when I have good intentions of getting to bed early it still doesn't happen. Not like it is that big a deal. I'm sure cruising the internet like a mindless imp isn't all that intense to my system.

So the work Christmas Party is tomorrow night, I'll have just enough time to drive home, change real quick and then get to the location of the party. The menu looked pretty good from what I can recall, and we do get a couple free drinks, it's not a open bar. Anyway after the party I am meeting a coworker in Providence around 1am and we are driving down to New York for Howard Stern's Final Show and March. I'll be indeed taking the digital camera and taking a whole slew of pictures which I will upload here and on my buzznet page. Probably wont get down there until at least 5am. I would have hoped to arrive a bit sooner but whatever. Let's just hope that there isn't a Transit stroke which they are saying will shut down the whole thing.

The weather will be unseasonably warm for mid December in New York with a high of 44 degrees with some moring showers.

It seems that Yahoo is using the whole live countdown page on Yahoo as a contrived way for them to get some eyeballs on their fledgling Yahoo 360 concept which is a litte bit like blogger and a whole lot like myspace. I see that Howard, Robin, Fred, Artie and Gary even have their own avatars that you can upload to Yahoo Messenger. I don't know about you but I want Elegant Elliott Offen running in leotard and high heels as my Yahoo avatar.

Yahoo has sent "Fangirl" to be the insider for Yahoo at this event at she writes about meeting all of the regulars minus Howard in her Yahoo 360 blog and uploading pictures in Flickr. They appear to be trying way to hard.


Anonymous said...

I know you will have a great time...And yahoo 360 kinda blows in my opinion,I have been on there for a few months and it just doesn't have the pickup like Myspace or other community websites.No one wants to join it, kinda like Friendster I think.

Anonymous said...

LOL.... i've never heard of Y 360... but i have heard of xbox 360!!! ps nice remodel...

Anonymous said...

An Elegant Elliot Offen avatar would be interesting, but I want one with him spewing gangsta talk in a word bubble, a la a comic strip.

Anonymous said...

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ambien said...

Ambien worked well for the sleep issues but if you are having any issues or stress in your life you may want to try and find something else. It makes you very agitated at anyone you may come in contact with and may cause depression.

ambien said...

It works well for a few days, then your body builds a tolerance to it, so you have to take 2 then 3. Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night wide awake.

more info said...

I don't trust Yahoo anymore. They are scamers.