This is my first photo Friday contribution. It is lame I know, and I'll attempt to do better from here. The men's locker room isn't exactly the place to be hanging out with a digital camera, and this scale is at the top of a row of lockers, so I had to take the picture all sneakily and quick-like.


Anonymous said...

I weight in at 170

4rilla said...

I was 172 today which was the heviest I have been in quite a while. I am 6'1.

It will be 2 years ago in January that I changed my eating and workout habits.

Started at 195.

Got down to a low of 150 during a cutting phase after about a year.

The past few moths I have gone from 163 to 170 as I lift more weights and take it a bit easier on the cardio.

Anonymous said...

You go boy!

I am working on my own discipline. Changing what you eat and how active you are is wicked hard. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

you know, my gym has rules about taking photographs in locker rooms and requires that cell phones be turned off. apparently they have had problems with people like you :)