You know what I hate?

-Adults who order their coffee with extra cream and extra sugar. Does it get any more pussified than that?

- Johnny Damon. I hope you bat .240 and tear your ACL.

- The crazy amount of food and snacks that people brought into the office this week.

- The fact that I ate alot of it.

- The lack of reception that my Sirius radio is getting in the house. I need to dick around with the antenna.

- When people don't update.

- Taking out the trash.... When the temperature is below freezing.

- Resetting the modem.

- That I don't know where I put my glasses.

- A month without any new Stern shows.

- Weathermen.

- Christmas.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OH NO , Seems like I am going to have a Scrooge on my hands this weekend...Better get Happy Boy
I like the word pussified...
Try to cheer up and I promise to make this Christmas wonderful for you...And I still didn't find your glasses....DAMN
OH and I already took my trash out for the night, yes all the way to the dumpster...Smile Sweets