Merry Merry Folks!

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable Christmas day and that the fable known as Santa Claus was good to you.

I'm hanging out at my parents house right now. Earlier I was chillin in the dining room and I was able to pick up on someones wireless signal. My parents have broadband, but only have a desktop so there is no wireless connection over here. I brought my laptop figuring I could probably pick up on someone's connection. One grandmother, 2 uncles and an aunt are here now and i have made my way into the living room. Unfortunately the wireless connect isn't making its way into the living room, so I will save this post into MS word just in case I can't get a connection again on the other side of the house.

Anyway, I haven't posted in about a whole 30 some odd hours and I felt obligated to send some sort of holiday wishes to all you cool fuckers out there in the blogospere. I've had 2 stiff vodka drinks since arriving here an hour ago and I'm pretty stoked to gorge myself on a clamboil. Nothing better than a clamboil for Christmas or any other holiday for that matter. To hell with ham and turkey. Everyone else is sitting here telling their war stories from days gone by, talking about great great grandparents, the days of outhouses and so on. Instead I am here typing to you folks.

Christmas Eve was fun, went down to Connecticut with Crystal to visit with her parents. Had a couple cocktails there and saw some of her peeps. We were able to get back to her place by around 10PM or so and then pretty much relaxed a bit and fell asleep. Crystal woke me up by 7am this morning in the nicest way possible. She then made an extraordinary breakfast of turkey bacon, eggs and toast and some coffee. We got to enjoy each others company this morning before heading off to do our own thing. We are meeting back up this evening to go to a movie I believe.

I hope a whole bunch of you unwrapped a Sirius Satellite Radio this morning that Santa left you under the tree. Not only will the subscribers prop up the SIRI stock price, but the service is incredible. Not only will you get Sternie dukes live and direct on the 9th of January but the music channels are better than I expected. The hour drive this morning was one of the first times that I had a chance to check out the music channels in earnest while driving down to my parents.

Well I hope everyone has Monday off. Enjoy the rest of your long weekend and don't eat any yellow snow!


Anonymous said...

Had a fantastik weekend....And the clamboil is yummy....

4rilla said...

Damn straight!

Don't question my family's clamboil!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the explanation of Fred the Baker. that headline meant nothing to me when i saw it, kind of like if JP Patches died and everyone outside of the Northwest was all WTF