Fred The Baker Has Made His Last Donut...

For Fred The Baker it was always "time to make the donuts" As a kid growing up in New England I saw Fred's commercials for years as the stumbling bumbling pretty much hapless but lovable working stiff who always had sleep in his eyes as he was making the donuts at 3am like a corporate slave. But he was there making donuts for you, and doing his best to smile through it all.

Michael Vale appeared in over 100 Dunkin Donuts commercials between 1981 and 1997 as Fred The Baker. I'm sure that the pearly gates are lined with jelly, double chocolate, boston kreme and manager's specials tonight.

Speaking of Dunkin Donuts. Get this, Christmas Day there is one Dunkin Donuts open in all of Fall River, MA which is a city of about 80,000 people. My father goes on a Dunkin Donuts mission in the morning... 45 minutes in line in order to procure 2 large Dunkin Donuts coffees on Christmas morning. So I leave their house somewhere in the neighborhood of 6:30 or so and figure I will get a coffee for the road. How bad could the line be at 6:30pm right? Well I counted 26 cars in the drive thru line and what appeared to be 20,000 people inside the store. So obviously I continued on by without stopping.

I give Starbucks the middle finger.

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