The 100 Day Update

Well at midnight it will be 99 days, but I see I have recently sold off 3 positions mentioned in my post linked below.

I've been holding my initial shares of Peregrine Pharmacueticals Tick: PPHM for around 6 months or so. I got in at $1.18 and saw the pps drop and hang around .90 cents for a few months. I averaged down, buying some more @ .97 to bring my cost basis down to $1.02. Peregrine's Tarvacin medicine has been getting a whole bunch of buzz and the stock has been on a nice run the past 3 weeks. I sold today for a nice 35% gain and may sink all my initial money and profit back in tomorrow if we see a dip during the day because PPHM has been closing at or near the high of day almost every day. Bill, I remember you mentioning that you bought some of this, you have probably long since dumped it though! Hopefully not.

Also Ceradyne Ticker: CRDN has been shot out of a cannon over the past year and has rallied from under $20.00 to a high of $59.00 just last week. I sold my position in CRDN for somewhere around $48.00 back on December 1. I picked up a nice 80% on this one, but I should have held on a bit longer and would be sitting on a nic double bagger right now.

I also sold off my Whitehall Jewlers Tick: JWLR for $1.33 and a 40% loss about 2 weeks ago. I also see I mentioned Pfizer Inc. Tick: PFE which was trading at $21.09 at the time and is now at $25.68.


Anonymous said...

I bought 1,000 on Aug 2 at 1.27 and sold it at 1.01 on Oct 5. Hey, wait a minute, I lost money, WTF, Oh well, that's the way the cookie crumbles. But I did well on JWL

Anonymous said...

fuck, big move in pphm today. I could of bought that malibu beach house, oh well, back to the ghetto