My Super Bowl XL Prediction

Well it is Super Bowl Sunday. As I sit here I figure it wouldn't hurt to put a prediction down in pixels so here goes nothing.

I also must say that Pittsburgh's "One for the thumb" battle cry has to be the stupidest thing ever. If you haven't won a Super Bowl in over 25 years I don't think there are many people around with those four other rings who are going to be getting one for the thumb. And I don't see a big hand that sits in front of city hall with four rings that is waiting for the fifth. It just seems like a silly ass slogan to me coming from a city that is just trying to relive its glory days of the 70's and is trying to pretend that they are some sort of dominant force for all time. Every time the Steelers lose in the playoffs they seem to have some sort of lame excuse as to why. Of course I'm sure Joey Porter thinks that the NFL, the media and Paul Tagliabue are all out to get him as well as his teammates yet again.

Matt Hasselbeck will step up big today and Elizabeth Hasselbeck will realize she married the wrong brother as the Seahawks trump the Steelers in tonight's Super Bowl.

Seahawks- 27
Steelers- 24


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Anonymous said...

that game sucked ass...