Greetings From Philadelphia

Road trip weekend. Coming to you live and direct on a free wifi connect in the hotel room.

So Crystal and I left Massachusetts at 2am on the dot last night and headed for Philly. Scored a nice hotel deal on Hotwire, right downtown for $87.00 a night. The ride down was your standard fare,pretty uneventful, rocking BBC Radio One pretty much the whole way down. Thank you Sirius Satellite Radio. Made it to the hotel by 8am, which was too early for an "early check in" so we drove on down to the banks of the Delaware River and took a bit of a catnap. Then we were off to find some breakfast, ended up at a Denny's by the airport which allowed us to kill some time and people watch a bit. We were able to check into the room at 10:30, which is well in front of the regular 3pm check in time.

It is now 11:45 and I am freshly showered and feeling fresh even on one hour of sleep. I've been on hold with the Franklin Institute Since I started writing this post in order to secure our tickets to BodyWorlds. Besides checking out BodyWorlds the rest of the weekend is wide open. I will be taking pictures, so check on back to see what we ended up doing!


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