The Jig Is Up!

Some of my worst fears have been realized. My mother has located this here blog! Rule number 5 of How To Blog has been shot to shit.

And I only have Tony Pierce, buzznet and myself to blame.

The story goes down like this. Mom calls me up at work, the week after the Howard Stern rally. I mention pictures that I took while there. She asks to see them. I had uploaded some to Buzznet the night before and with this being such an instant gratification society rather than waiting until I got home and emailing her the pics I directed her to my Buzznet page. Mom isn't the greatest with computers, but she does know how to click a link. It took her two weeks to click onto the blog, but when she did look out! She clocked in at reading 48 pages in about an hour. Unless of course it was someone else from my hometown who clicked through from my buzznet account. You never know.

So I fired off the email below to her. I have since talked to her on the phone and she says she will refrain from showing up over here. Hi Mom if your reading this. I was thinking about posting her picture to really shame her, but I will hold off at this point. If she comes back again, look out!


Family isn't supposed to read the blog, I almost didn't send you to those buzznet pictures figuring that the bloggy would be found.

There are some blogging "rules" which include not telling friends and family about it that way you do not self censor yourself and you can be true to your blogginess. So I'm not upset but I would prefer it if you don't make a habit of perusing the 4rilla site! No hard feelings right?

If you look at my statistics I've developed a decent following as of late and picked up almost 1,000 hits this month alone. I find it fun and a good outlet for me. However I think I would be stifled creatively if I always think that "Moms" is looking over my shoulder.

Don't worry, I won't shame the family..... (That bad).

-4rilla aka #1 Son

PS. This situation is gonna make for a great blog post! But we better not come read it! HAHA


Anonymous said...

Having your mother read your blog isn't so bad. You just have the audacity to keep posting what you want, knowing full well that they might find out.

Tony's mom knows about his blog, and he still talks about his sexual relations.

Anonymous said...

If my parents found my bloggy the world as we know it would end. My parents aren't ignorant but there is much they do not know...like that I dated a 37 year old convict.

Hopefully mom respects your wishes.

Anonymous said...

my gf reads mine religiously and while it doesnt stop me it does stop me from posting funny chat dialogs of me macking other shorties

Anonymous said...

Dayum. That blows. I'd die if my parents found mine. It's why I don't even use my real name. Or post pictures. In fact, whenever I go home I make sure to crash their computer so they don't go online and I pretend one of my nieces or nephews did it.

Anonymous said...

Shabooty is a dog, but oh well...
anyways looks like your monm stopped no more Fall river hits on my page...