Hey Dave Attell...

I'm looking at this picture on my computer and now I'm laughing at your joke.

Yeah I got called out by Dave Attell on New Years Eve. I guess I'm jumping ahead, but you guys will just have to deal. So Crystal and I had tickets for the 2nd of Dave Attell's 3 NYE shows in Providence RI. I guess we were part of the proverbial meat of Dave's NYE sandwich. Our seats were a comfy 8 feet or so from the stage, which made for a great show. I took about 40 odd pictures of him (click my buzznet link for more). About half way through the show he called me out saying, "Don't laugh at the jokes, upload the pictures on your computer and laugh when you get home...." or words to that effect. He also had an exchange with Crystal regarding the menu at Del Taco. Dave's show was fairly lewd and crude in all the right ways and he taunted the crowd quite a few times for being a little to proper.

The Comedy Connection was the second stop of the night as we previously had thebestgoddamndinnerofmywholefreakinlife at the Providence Oyster Bar. My words can not do justice to the swordfish and lobstertail that was savored within that fine establishment. All I can say was dinner was amazing, and for a fairly last minute reservation Crystal could not have made a better choice!

We were able to make it to Worcester through a fair amount of sleet and snow for 11:50. Rang in the new year to The Campaign For Real Time. As far as bumping into a random never heard before band I don't think I could have asked more from these guys. Seems they have a nice U.K. tour set up for February.

I hope everyone else out there was safe in their New Years travels.
Here's to '06...


Providence Oysster Bar

Dave Attell

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Sounds like a good time......