I try to match the Howard Stern Show Revelations

Below I've listed all 11 Stern Show staff revelations that were revealed Monday morning on the first Sirius show. I've completed a quick run through of the revelations and matched up who I think may have the hidden secret.

And now the revelations:

1. I cheated on my wife and she caught me... FRED

2. I once hid in a bathroom closet and pleasured myself when my family members went to the bathroom... RICHARD

3. In the last year, I got a girl pregnant and had to pay for her abortion... JASON

4. I think I'm addicted to porn - I jerk off twice a day and prefer to masturbate than have real sex... SAL

5. I have spent well over $10,000 on internet porn... HOWARD

6. My buddy and I once ordered massage girls to our hotel room, but they ripped us off and we were left staring at each other in our underwear... ARTIE

7. I have pleasured myself with meat and vegetables... BENJY

8. I have a half-sister I've never met and don't want to... ROBIN

9. I've had cosmetic surgery... GARY

10. A guy once blew his load on my chest... JD

11. I once had my stomach pumped for alcohol poisoning and when I woke up in the hospital, an acquaintance of the same sex was fondling my genitals... SCOTT

Today was the first day in about 4 years that I was not able to sit down at my desk at 8am and flick on "The Show" right after getting out of the car and not missing a beat. I get no friggin reception in my office. Grrrr. It was a rather shitty feeling knowing that when I got out of my car after parking I would be missing the rest of the show and out of the loop. I did go out to my car for lunch at about 1:15 Eastern and checked out Howard101 and the west coast feed was still on so I got to listen to a good chunk of the news until the show ended around 1:50.

Bubba The Love Sponge has been decent in the evenings and I have found myself switching back and forth between Bubba and the Brits on Radio One. Also they need to keep George Takei full time, every damn day, even if they have to install an ISDN line at his house like they did with Carolla for a while. The fake Arnold clip with Takei giving him the speech about gay marriage was classic stuff.

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