This is sort of some old school shit

The fact that I can no longer listen to Stern at work sure is cutting down on my TV viewing. Heck, satrad as a whole is taking up a good portion of my spare time/travel time. I haven't listened to any boring old fashioned radio since getting Sirius, except for some WEEI on the boombox at work.

Anyway it feels like Stern's first days in Boston way back when in Boston. At the time he was one evenings, here I am tonight listening to the replay catching up on the parts I was not able to hear while at work. The tv has been off a whole lot more than the pre Sirius days. I guess that is a good thing.

Spent about an hour tonite cleaning all kinds of shite off the CreAtive Zen Micro mp3 player and then loading it back up. Seems I have nothing on it right now except for a ton of mashup mixes and a whole bunch of Howard clips.

I'm working on my 3rd vodka drink and soon I should be drifting off to sleep. Thanks goodness tomorrow is Friday and I'm going to enjoy the fruits of a 3 day weekend. Yeah, James Frey embellished his work. Surprise superego. That doesn't sound like stop the presses news to me. It appears to be in the "nothing in here is true vein" memoir or not. I would expect most memoirs to be embellished. Who doesn't want to be greater than they were. Build me up buttercup, don't break my heart. I'm sure his sales numbers will spike this week and nobody will be upset about the extra press.

Patriots- 30
Broncos- 24

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Patriots- 14
Broncos - 13