Wind Sleet Snow Hail

What to do on a day such as this?

Why travel 20 miles or so in the elements to spend $25.00 on cannoli's with such tasty names as Dynamite Stick, Peanut Butter and Jelly and Peanut Butter Caramel Fudge swirl.

After that you come back on to a warm apartment and exercise a portion of those calories away in the most fun and pleasurable way possible. Then you write a blog post about it all such as this one here, while sipping down your first beer of the day. Then it is off to the living room to pop in a movie and watch a movie.

So the error prone Patriots lost to the Broncos last night. At least it will free up some time next weekend where I won't have to be glued to the tv. As I type this there is just over one minute to go in the Colts vs. Steelers game and it does bring some joy to my heart to see golden boy Peyton Manning get his ass bounced from the playoffs. I will admit that it is much easier to accept defeat in these parts when you have three Super Bowl rings and a World Series trophy in your back pocket over the course of the past few years.

I am one of the world's biggest fiends for "24" which begins tonite on FOX. Now Ms. C. does not watch t.v. as it rots the brain and does not have cable. I put an antenna in my overnight bag and will see if I can hook something up to get a signal. If not I might end up a slightly frustrated fellow. I need my Jack Bauer fix. I need a bit of Tivo in my life, or a DVR box from Comcast. Gravitas!


Anonymous said...

Sorry I make you fustrated....Hopefully me as the alternative wasn't so bad instead of "24"

Anonymous said...

I love "24" and so does the boy, but I think I ruin it for him by saying things like "that is sooo not standard protocol" and also by making predictions about the plot outcome and then being right.

Anonymous said...

I need tivo too!!!