Putting it in writing

To hold me accountable.

I might come off as sort of a girl in this post, but if I do so be it. I'll blame the media for giving me a poor body image. Anyway I've been lagging a bit on the workout scene ever since around Labor Day. I've still been hitting the gym as much as possible, but I really haven't been all that particular with what I've been eating. Now you can all give me a healthy dose of STFU as I am still only weighing in at 6'1/170 lbs. But it seems all that eating goes right to my gut. I'm a lanky, small boned mofo and the Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers like to attach to my waistline.

It has been a bit harder to eat right and get to the gym as much as I like since my schedule has been hectic (in a good way) as of late. But as of this week I'm attempting to rededicate myself and get back in line. It would be nice if the pinch of an inch is gone by summertime.

Speaking of summer gotta love the weather swings going on over in this neck of the woods. Another 50 degree January day in Massachusetts. As a matter of fact I noticed today's high winds knocked the cover off the grill outside the back door and the weather is nice enough to sizzle some turkey burgers on the grill this evening.

Oh yeah, if I adjust my vodka intake a wee bit that may have some nice effects on my weightloss plan a bit as well.

I see also that Harvard is hosting the first edition of Jim Cramer's Mad Money On Campus tour on February 1. From what I can gather the audience is made up of only Harvard students. I watch the show most days and would totally enjoy attending and giving Jim my very own Boo-Yah, I think I'll send a few emails just to make sure there won't be any tickets for the general populace. I think I'll also post a request for tix on Craigslist and see if I get any response.

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