4rilla revisits his first stock pick! ESLR

On June 6, 2005 I made my first stock pick on this here blog. The stock was Evergreen Solar (ESLR). At that time ESLR was trading at $7.06 a share. Today's close was $13.34 and it seems like there is room to run yet as ESLR has continued rising at a nice clip even over the down days we have been having as of late.

On January 13, 2006 the state of California adopted a $2.9 Billion Solar Power Program in which the state will provide rebates to people using solar power for their in home needs. With this plan California would become the world's 3rd largest producer of solar power behind Germany and Japan. Speaking of Germany ESLR still appears to be on target with their German joint venture.

ESLR has been on a tear and I wouldn't be surprised to see this hit $20.00 at some point in 2006. Not bad for a company that was trading under $1.50 back in August of 2003.

$1,000 virtual dollars invested in June 05 would be worth $1,889.51 today.



Anonymous said...

ESLR .. did'nt Cramer recommended this one


Anonymous said...

My first stock was 100 shares of Bolt Beranek & Newman (BBN) in 1980. That company was quasi-responsible for the internet. If I had held onto it, I would of been filthy rich, but I sold it in the 80's. I am such a loser.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at DSTI, forget ESLR

1. they produce silicon free solar panels,
they use a new technology called CIGS
that is much cheaper than silicon, the
company was started in 1997.

2. they don't have the issue of silicon

3. they shipped products to Blitzstrom , a german
company based in Germany,
the world's leader country for solar
panels, and to the chinese company MEG too.

4. they hired many new workers and a new
vice president of manifacturing that leaved
the solar silicon competitor ESLR for DSTI.

5. Honda will start to produce soon CIGS solar
panels too.

6. They have a low float of 2.6 millions shares,
and 6.2 millions outstanding shares,that
predicts high volatility.

7. The CEO Tuttle sells every quarter a small
amount of shares in order to pay administrative
taxes and salaries, because the
company started to produce only
since a few months.

8. Solar energy is the only way to produce electricity
over the long term because fossil fuels are running
out, the dependance on oil is already causing
wars and terrorism.

4rilla said...

Hey freestocktips....

I see you mentioned XSNX a while back in one of my other posts. I guess I should have followed your lead there!

What is you opinion on XSNX at this point?