Stern Strikes Back

Talk about brilliant.

How delighted was I to hop in the car this morning and get treated to new and improved 2006 Sirius versions of Howard Stern Show classic tracks "The Gay Way" and "Every Homo". In my opinion the 2 greatest songs ever produced by The Losers. Infinity/Viacom play hardass and don't let Howard have any of his bits to take to Sirius. What does he do? Rerecords them, makes them more relevant to the present and makes them edgier and more Satellite radio friendly!

My handy dandy Sirius Starmate sure has been getting a workout. I'm not a Sirius shill, but I am a shareholder. Take it from me, I can think of some worse ways to spend .43 cents a day. Brought my car in for service today and even took the Sirius unit in the loaner since it was snowing and traffic was all fucked up I knew I would be able to listen for a while. I think the service is well worth it, between all the content that Stern give you on Howard 100 and Howard 101 I usually don't have to go much further than BBC Radio One, CNBC, Bloomberg or Boombox to find something worth listening to.

While I am doing product shout outs and I mentioned that my car was getting serviced I might have well give some props to Hyundai. I've got a 2002 Elantra GT, which is the cooler looking hatchback that they started producing in 2002. I hit 60K about a month ago, I've never had any issues with the car (and hopefully didn't just jinx myself) the brakes were starting to get down to bare bones so I figured I would kill 2 birds with 1 stone and get the 60K tuneup which includes a new timing belt and have the brakes done.

Moral of the story you might ask? My Hyundai Elantra has treated me quite well for 3 years and over 60,000 miles. It is pretty damn comfy, the standard features are decent, including leather seats and the price is right. Recommended for the baller on a budget.

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