HaiKu 4U!

Falling down with you
Feels real, if your black and blue.
Call it weekend fun.

So Crystal has encouraged the growth of a beard as of late. Since I an get away with it at work right now and it being the middle of winter and all I couldn't think of a better excuse. I'm sort of enjoying it. I made the mustache disappear this evening at the Y, but I think I might grow this thing out for a little while and trim it up. As if you care anyway!

Well Ms. C. and I had another supremely enjoyable weekend that just passed, and look forward to the one that is approaching. But I won't sit here and rehash the whole weekend's goodness, but here is the Cliff Notes.

Saturday- Great homecooked dinner
Sunday- Brunch, Ice Skating, Movie

Looking forward to hanging out Tuesday night, which is now today. I should go to bed.


Anonymous said...

I like the photo. It reminds me of a friend I used to have from southie. He was this tough italian mafia dude. (Hey Vito, take care of this, will yah?)

Anonymous said...

Nice I have a mafia boyfriend...I like it cause I like the scruff..and I love the Haiku..