Circuit City Comes Through

So last night on the way home I attempt to turn on my Sirius unit and for some reason I've got no power. I take a look and the plastic has separated and I can see the copper wire fraying and sticking out the sides. No power. Fuck, a 40 minute ride home and I had to listen to regular radio the whole ride home.

After work today mission number one was to get a replacement 12volt DC adapter with a male end that matches that of the Sirius Starmate. So I go to Radio Shack first I think I can handle it on my own, but I couldn't find one that matched exactly what I needed. I then asked for a little help, ended up with both people in the store trying to help me. Well the geeky guy was also sporadically talking into some piece of shit Radio Shack microphone connected to some piece of shit boombox. No wonder Radio Shack is closing 700 stores and had a CEO that just quit. Anyway they claimed they didn't have anything that could help me.

I then figured I would try Best Buy, however Circuit City is just before Best Buy so I figured I would try there first. I ended up getting hooked up by a guy working in there automotive install department. I explained my problem, he took the power cord in the back, swapped out the battery for me and then respliced the top and reinforced it for me. No charge at all. Awesome. His simple act right there lifted up Circuit City in my eyes right there. So tonight 4rilla gives mega thanks and praise to the Circuit City guy on Route 1 in Attleboro. Give that guy a raise.

I showed my thanks buy picking up The Boondock Saints on DVD for $9.99.


Anonymous said...

I bought a USB cord at radio shack for $27.00 and then I found out that www.newegg.com had the same thing for $4.99 so I returned the cord at radio shack. Those stores are a rip off.

Anonymous said...

I paid like $43.00 bucks for a firewire cable from Compusa at the end of '05 to transfer shit to my new mac, then a couple months later I got an external housing for my dvd burner for 65$ (compusa) which came with the same firewire cable (okay shorter) and usb cable to boot ---gayness!