Howard Stern Comparative Profanity Analysis

LOS ANGELES, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Feb 22, 2006 -- In a follow-up effort to their January 9, 2006 "Shockulator" media content analysis of Howard Stern's inaugural program on Sirius 100 satellite radio, results from the Family Media Guide follow below:

-- A 34% overall increase in profanity: The January 9 Howard Stern show contained 737 total instances of profanity (or 2.23 per minute), while the February 9 show contained 988 (or 3.08 per minute).

-- A 62% increase in FUCKs, with January 9 containing 77 instances and February 9 increasing to 125 (or .39 F-bombs a minute).

-- A 100% increase in SHITs, which doubled from 30 to 60.

-- A 100% decrease in CUNTs, from 11 instances to 0. This entry shockulated the "Shockulator" auditors most, with several people losing serious money in the pools.

-- A flat use of ASS, with 42 in both shows. However, since the February 9 show ran 10 minutes shorter than the January 9 show, the instances per minute increased from .127 to .131.

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Anonymous said...

This is funny, now as the profanity stepped up since people thought he was censoring himself to much....