Fix To My Sirius Starmate Connection Problem

So as I mentioned a couple posts below I have been having a problem with the power running from my ciggy lighter to the Sirius Starmate. Well this evening I went looking at Target and found the Mobile Gear dc power adapter. This seems to be a new brand manufactured just for Target from the looks of the packaging.

This thing works, at least for now there are 5 different adapter heads with one that kinda sorta fits the Starmate. I'll keep you updated, we will see if this thing can last more than a week. I'll be searching the internets for other options.

It's pretty funny that I went two workdays without Sirius and was pulling my hair out. I listened to about 20 minutes of David Lee Roth on Friday. I can see why he is now on "vacation". Thank goodness that Boston sports talk radio is #1 in the nation and all the talent on WEEI are top notch. That is the only thing that saved me the past few days.

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